Deosai Plains in Skardu

Travel Diaries: Deosai Plains

Though I could have clubbed it in my Shigar Fort blog post, Deosai plains deserved a blog post on their own. Travel Diaries: Deosai Plains When we mentioned going to Skardu, everyone and I literally mean everyone told us to go to Deosai - it may not be the best time and it will take you the entire day but you just HAVE to go! So of course we were both ready to go, especially after our not so exciting Shangrila experience. The Deosai National Park is located between Astore and Skardu, ...

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The reception & dining hall at Shigar Fort & Residency

Travel Diaries: Shigar Fort & Residency

So the last blog post on my Skardu trip covered all my adventures at Khaplu Palace. This one is going to cover my trip to Shigar Fort & Residency in Shigar and the next one is about Deosai Plains. Travel Diaries: Shigar Fort, Upper Kachura Lake & Shangrila Resort Shigar is about 45 minutes away from Skardu airport so if one is planning a trip to both Khaplu & Shigar, it is best to go to Shigar second. Considering how absolutely crazy our return journey was (and that requires a blog ...

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Desserts by The Saucy Mistress in Karachi

Desserts by The Saucy Mistress

Ordering some desserts from The Saucy Mistress ... Anyone who is active on social media & Facebook must have heard of 'The Saucy Mistress'. As if her scrumptious desserts weren't enough her witty remarks and sarcastic sense of humor will make anyone cheer up. I remember discovering her page in 2013. At that time she did dips & dressings & cooking sauces and I remember being so impressed with not just her line of products but the way she described them. How can you not want to buy ...

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A box of 6 cookie cups by Karamel. I got 3 white chocolate and 3 milk chocolate

Cookie Cups by Karamel

I am a person who prefers to eat at home most of the time and I can sometimes be quite finicky when eating out / ordering in. The reason being that I inevitably compare the price I pay versus not just with the quality & taste of the food but also the fact that I can potentially make it at home at a fraction of the cost. So if I order in or eat out at a restaurant multiple times, it usually means that not only do I find the food delicious but I believe that it’s worth the price. One ...

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A view of Yabgo Ghar at Serena Khaplu Palace in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Travel Diaries: Trip to Serena Khaplu Palace

I am sure all of you must be wondering where I am, or well I hope you must be wondering about that. Nothing to worry about – it’s all happy news. The reason that I have been completely MIA since Eid is because I just got married (Alhamdullilah) and just like every other Pakistani wedding mine was just as long AND busy AND hectic. Running frantically from one place to another trying to remember all the things that we forgot on our last trip; tearing up a completed to do list only to remember ...

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